The Walking Dead Dream Apocalypse V’s Jersey Housewives!

The Walking Dead season 5. After watching last nights episode, venting, frustrated at having to wait until next Monday again at 9pm never mind how tired I am. I’m sat her watching Jersey housewives with the very thought…. Make up? Is nothing more than a disguise. Creating a false confidence and mask.  Plastered on by spectacularly shallow insecure and sometimes spoilt people to hide who they really are. My GOD THE COW FILLED LIPS! Some zombies are more attractive, useful and less caked in it!

The slight irritation of the reckless now voice broken Carl “CORAAAL, WHERE THE HELL IS CORAAAL?” Grimes and Ricks amazing ability to heal. His possible flirting with a more human Michonne is intriguing. We cried at Lori’s death having developed a huge crush on her during Prison Break.

But I wanted more zombies and gore!

We have already planned our moves, action and plans for the zombie apocalypse. If it occurs? We have the place, the plan to get supplies and sustainability for survival. Two 30 something’s on our weekend walks by the river, have set out some seriously great ideas for survival and build a future.

Masquerade by Claudine West

Masquerade by Claudine West

To top last nights shouts of “oh no, more more more,bastard next week!” I had nothing to fear except myself. As I slept my subconscious took over and gave me the most horrific gore fest, trapped in a house with zombies dream. Had my version been taped. It would have beaten said episode hands down on the horror stakes. What messed with my mind more what that if felt completely real. This is a curse and a blessing in my dream life. With friends ‘turning’ and closed doors containing rooms and corridors of creatures of rage and bloodlust. Being chased and trapped is one of my worse fears! So thank you Waking Dead. Not only are you my current favorite TV program. All of the George A Romero films I grew up with pale into insignificance.  The 1985 Day of the Dead was watched over and over by me. Reveling in the gore. The amount of poor zombie film around nowadays, fills up LOVEFiLM with one and two star ratings. Disappointing. Claudine’s dreams 8/10.

I’ve met my next cold, and its name is Dwayne.

My Dog Ate a Lightbulb


I’m not what you call germ-obsessed. I don’t have a bottle of hand sanitizer strapped to my purse. But I do take public transportation, which in the winter can be extremely hazardous to your health. They have posters in the buses and subway cars reminding people to essentially “sneeze in your sleeve.” No more do we cover our mouths with our hands. That is just so wrong, but you knew that, didn’t you?

Yesterday, I was on my way to the airport and managed to snag the very last seat on the shuttle bus. The gentleman next to me moved his carry-on bag out of the way to make room for me, and I noticed his name on the ID tag: Dwayne.

We had gone maybe a mile when he started sneezing. Violent spasms. Again and again: “Ah-CHEW! CHEW!”

And the spray. Oh, sweet mother, I’ve been hit!

“Bless you,”…

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Time, Happiness, Moving,

After a time of change. A time of challenge. A degree of bombardment of unnecessary negativity. I’ve been insulted quite a lot recently. A ‘Narcissist!’ Which proves how little some know about what I think about my true reflection of myself and my talents. I’m not a big verbal blower or promoter of my own penny whistle. I dont need to. Neither do I hide behind masks. All of that saga has fortunately been sent back with kisses and love 3 fold. Rising above all of that I moved on.  Quite a bit of needed closure has happened. This life of rainbows has shown me some true colours, some brilliance, some darkness and lots of happiness.

 A wealth of opportunities have now surfaced. Especially musically which I’m stoked about.  I can’t believe how lucky I am at times. I count my blessings daily. Hard work pays off with abundance. 

The tide has turned. I feel happier and more content musically, emotionally and spiritually. Freedom is wondrous. Procrastination, indulgence and invigoration feels good. After contemplating for some time, I finally deactivated my Facebook account. I feel liberated! The silent spies and can only view here now. Of Course my book is not far from the publishing stage. Some chapters have had their endings changed recently. Life is about living. Writing my book has catalogued some of those experiences. Its also made me really think about what I really want. Seeing things in black and white has produced changes for the better for me.  I want a true life relationship with friends and folk in the flesh. Not on my iPhone screen. The realisation that we need to hang out with the like minded folk and not false flags has been reiterated. Our quality of life, happiness and wellbeing depends on it.

Some exist in the darkness. Some hide. We live in the light. Departing is never easy. But no regrets. The road is long and prosperous. The doors are now open now the weeds have been cleared. The sun shines through a metallic blue sky. With each new opportunity. We marvel at the greater good. We become more motivated with our driven success. The wise advice and support we encounter with our blessed friends is beautiful. It’s a great life we inhabit… and its just getting better and better. 🙂

~ Claudine