Have a break, have a reevaluation.

So we sat by the sea. Discussing future projects, careers, destiny. Once away from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind. It’s easier to look upon everything when away from it. It’s the change in air and of water. Maybe it’s having a break from the ever increasing needy and negative people of the population who continue to fail to sort their own shit out. Even though the answers are right in front of them. We can all be guilty of this though. Some of us choose to progress in this life. Not fall and fail time and time again, repeating destructive patterns. Making the same mistakes with different people (that are the same kind)
Ange and I never advertised ourselves as ‘wet wipes!’ we can’t clear up others shit. We won’t either. There is a big difference from helping folk with the gifts that we’ve been given and trained in. Than being the ones that you go to when only after a poopy party went pear shaped. The lesson ‘over and over’ again is that only YOU can help yourself. Pills, thrills and chills are temporary highs and disguises of true self. The come downs..well.
Others will show you the way sometimes. Or help balance you to open things up with clarity. We relight the tinders. You grow your flames let your Phoenix rise.
There is lack of taking responsibility nowadays. The ‘poor me’ and ‘blame game’ is the broken record of petty excuses.
Ange and I get “diet, diet, diet!” mentioned constantly. You know what? Unless you stick to that. For all eternity it will yoyo. Ive read lots. The most painful bit easy thing I’ll ever do? Is not swallowing it in the first place. It’s lifestyle change that maintains it.
Of course If these things were easy and willpower was. Everyone would not be resorting to pills, fads and suffering only to fall off the wagon. The westernized world of greed and fast unhealthy food. The programming of us all is working very well for the masses. It’s the switched on and unplugged ones that have true awareness of what’s really going on with the extent of control.
A week on vegetables makes one feel loads better after cutting out the takeaways, crisps, booze, and chocolate. (After the addiction comedown of course) cigarettes, drugs and other stuff..well…that’s another detox challenge with the correct support.

As we retreat into a time of doing stuff we want to do. Our time of adventuring into bliss. I leave you with this. “The world is big enough for all to shine in, bathe in its wonder, do not judge or harm others, as we are all equal beings, some just haven’t asked or ignored the answers shown. If you’ve bit truly realized your own blessings. You are stagnant. Start asking and looking with your heart and mind awake. Be grateful and stop wining. Enjoy every moment and love unconditionally, feel the life force within and surrounding, taste the rapture, listen to the waves of silence, view the beauty of moments”


The sea, harmony and breezes

It’s been a while since we came back to the place of Ange’s birth. I love the sea and get like an excited child when I travel to it. The air is mighty healing and relaxing. After an evening of Randy Brandies and cheeky peanuts. I slept rather well. We didn’t finish the bottle. A wise hangover preventing move.

This morning, knowing that golden sunshine was burning the grey clouds away. We walked along the beach. The weather calm. Usually we sit on the front, laughing as the waves crash and wet passers by. It’s a place that when we decide whereabouts, we will move to. The sea that is. Just by the sea.

It’s inspiring. It revs up the creative juices.
I’m currently writing and recording a new solo album. I’ve just finished the music for a guided meditation CD. The ‘Subway Circus’ (Rock band) E.P. Is in its final rehearsal stages before we record it, live. My book is finally finished and being proof read. It took longer than I planned. But that’s life!

So sitting in the sun. Talking about how far we have come. Things were a pretty bumpy ride the last year, but are looking rather good now. Relaxing is something Ange and I need to fully embrace more. We spend a lot of time working and helping others. Not enough on ourselves in a proper way. I’m not talking the plonking oneself down with a takeaway and Breaking Bad. That’s ‘after day job vegetating.’ I’m talking sitting in the sun rays, breathing life, clearing stagnant energies and pondering the moment. Thanking the past, as it got us here. Planning the future as it’s where we are going to be.

The recharge, the sea spray and the laughter is doing wonders.