End of Days and The New Dawn

Sunrise and sunsets to me are something beautiful to behold. Its about endings and new beginnings to me too. The special moments when one can absorb amazing vibrant colours of this natural planet. Breathing in fresh air. We got up early and I Photographed the following on a December winter morning, during our holiday in Portsmouth 2014. The ‘Hill’ is a place with a good view. Mick’s Van sells a good cup of tea and sausage cob 24/7. We journeyed to Bournmouth, Dorset and Brighton and saw some beautiful places. House hunting is fun. I’ve enjoyed capturing these moments to share our ongoing adventures. The sky is astounding.

DSCN0194 DSCN0199 DSCN0232 DSCN0232 DSCN0251 DSCN0240 DSCN0243 DSCN0192

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