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My name is Claudine West. I was born and currently reside in Nottingham. UK. I am a creative and Bog Woppit: Blogger, Author (Claudsville Blogs and Biog of a Bog Woppit) Songwriter, Composer, musician/multi-instrumentalist:  Currently Multi-Instrumentalist in Strange Currencies. Previously: The Idolins (2004-2014) Drummer: Subway Circus 2011-2016, Composer of meditation music ‘Earth Tree Healing.’ I’m a Reiki Practitioner. I love good food, exploring. Spirituality, enlightenment, Universal Life Force Energies. Law of attraction, meditation, Paganism, nature, laughter, positivity, Sci-Fi, horror films, The Walking Dead. Watching ‘Alien’ as a child put me off having kids for life. I battle me Desmond from time to time. In this life my journey is this. A path to enlightenment. I’m a social cripple at times. A good wine and green tea drinker and am prepared for a zombie apocalypse emotionally.

To define me and my world. I’ve lived many practical past lives. This one’s rather interesting. I’ve learnt valuable lessons and made progress. I’m here to show you what I am. Not to convert or pervert. You make your own choices with your free will. You will read my world. Or you will read others. Whether that be a daily newspaper, an internet link, a book or a sign.

I’m blessed with excellent friends and a wife who I love dearly. I crack myself up laughing, squeal at being chased by a whisk. After a period of self discovery, one is maturing and getting a little wiser each day. I now cry a lot at sadness. I’m in awe of the beauty and wonder exploring this life. I’m aware of the darkness, pain and destruction of the human race and what it does to itself. I respect the power of nature and balance. I love the sea, the sky, the fresh air of freedom. I don’t practice any particular organised Religion. I’m little more unplugged. I’m intrigued by conspiracy theories, UFO’s, Ghosts and Reptilians. The greater good and powers that be are the entities and energies that I truly listen to.

My subconscious is the blue anchor.

Book ‘Claudsville: Blogs and Biog of a Bog Woppit’ is available on Amazon Kindle HERE



Me and Cockapoo

Me and Cockapoo

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