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When you are a kid. Magic is real. Mystery is exciting. Channelling universal life force energy as an adult is one of the most wonderful feelings. If feels magic to me. It’s one of the most natural practices found in many cultures.  Helping myself relax and others is rewarding and a selfless task. Abandoning one’s ego is hard. Enlightenment is the truth, the stars, the answer and the acceptance. Loss of fear and worry. Living in the moment. Magic is real.

When you experience a ‘happening’ your world perception changes. I’m privileged. I’m an Okuden Level (2nd Degree) student of ‘Reiki East and West’ (West Bridgford, Nottingham, UK). The teachings of two wonderful Reiki Masters; whose teachings, wiseness, support and practices and enlightening, amazing.
The last two years have been emotional, life changing and frankly needed. Things happen, opportunities arise, fate nudges you.

I discovered an ability to ‘scan’ and channel energy. During drunken band rehearsals/writing sessions. I discovered I could detect injuries/energy imbalances by feeling heat in my hands effectively ‘scanning people.’ At the time I really didn’t know how, why? I went with the flow. A family member sat me down one day in Wales (@our Circle HQ and spiritual home. Emphasising “oms”.  Gave me a lecture (a good lecture) about my ego. (bad, mad, angry, addicted, intimidating, lost, messed up completely, and negative)

The ‘Powers That Be’ (PTB) and that “Eureka” moment, made sure the, “please go back to England and study Reiki asap” message got through. I was born with the gift of musical hands. Creating things and using my hands is what I do, what I am.
From that day on. I began to slowly but surely making positive changes in my life.
I had Reiki western Attunement level 1. A year later (I had lots of work on myself to practice; The demons, hurt, upset; rage that initially came to the surface and out of me truly wasn’t pleasant. But keeping it all in was toxic.)
I had Japanese Shoden Reiki Level One Attunement by the same Reiki Master and my Teacher. I personally felt the energies and techniques suited me better. Rather than the westernised teachings.
Guess what? Life has gotten better, I’m happier, healthier. I’m now (as of April 1st 2011) hand fasted (we class ourselves as married to the most wonderful soul and saviour I could ever meet)


I’ve recently done the Level 2 course. Not one to rush. I also don’t believe one can become a Reiki Master in a weekend. Like some courses advertise. It takes years of study, practice and commitment.

Tree rainbow
During the ‘Oneness’ Attunement for my Okuden Degree (2nd level Reiki)
I became an energy, a light. I felt no physical body, no physical me. But I knew it was me, a ‘higher level’ me. I just ‘became’ and existed as blissfulness, togetherness. I existed in, was felt like a terracotta/orange temple. Floating in the middle of a big shiny floor in a large room. Oneness. I created this picture to manifest physically the warmth I felt and the ball of energy I became.


I’ve never in my life, my dreams every experiences what I can only describe as a ‘happening’. This confirms I can achieve my path to enlightenment. Not to fear loss of the physical body.
Successful Reiki practice is about commitment and finding the time daily. I find it challenging fitting everything around working full time. Practicing Reiki and helping people is rewarding. The more I practice, the more I understand, the more relaxed I feel treating people. The stronger the Reiki energy. The more balanced I feel. It’s a wellbeing I haven’t felt before.

Successfully working through emotional injuries, is like opening a jammed window and finally letting fresh air into a stale negative room.
The more natural and organic things I consume, the better I feel. Increasing my physical exercise and spending more time with nature (We changed day jobs, moved house and currently live by a lake, river and country park. I feel more alive and balanced than ever before. The more I work with the meditations, exercises practice mindfulness and oneness, The more humble, committed, amazed. I am grateful.
Earth Tree Healing
I’m not here to preach, convert, dictate. Reiki is non religious. Reiki is a technique and life’s work. It enables me to channel Ki energy (Universal Life Force Energy)

Reiki works for me. I enjoy treating and helping others. Reiki is my path. Music is my love. Art is my indulgence.
Earth Tree Healing was born in 2011.
@earthtreeheal Twitter


Angela my wife is a Crystal Healer, Tarot Reader, and is trained in using Hopi Ear Candles. She also makes herbal incense. Currently training in Kinesiology with Sally Wathen.

Healing Incense

Healing Incense

We are both trained, certificated and continue to learn and practice, by professional and inspirational teachers and practitioners.



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