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AKA Bog Woppit. Songwriter, Composer, Multi-instrumentalist:

Stinking Rita

Stinking Rita 2020


Strange Currencies 2016

Ex Drummer in Subway Circus. Ex member and co founder / Multi-instrumentalist of The Idolins. 


Claudine West – Subway Circus 2014


Besonic : ‘Claudine West is making music for almost two decades now. Parts of her life are to find right here. Her life seems full of love, friendship and emotional content. Her songs are interpreted in reflected, deep and calm ways. (The Distance) This one is just an example what she is capable of within collaborations with her beloved lost friend Grimm and her song partner Karen. Wonderful!’

nottsaboutworld tumblr: ‘The sound is more ethereal than that of the Idolins and showcases her talents both vocally and instrumentally. The style of the songs ranges from something close to traditional folk, to a more dreamy sound, all the way to an electro Tori Amos, this is definitely an artist not to be pigeon holed.’

I began with instruments and finger interactions at around 12 years old. I sat in dark cupboards at school practicing guitar chords so I didn’t have to look at my fingers. I play Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Bass, Piano, Drums and Percussion. It is my passion, my pleasure, my addiction, my therapy, my indulgence, my escape, my legacy. I love melody, harmony, rhythm, improvisation and jamming. I’ve performed in the styles of Jazz, Blues, Folk, Pop and Rock. I write, compose, perform and record original music. Cover versions are a bit of fun, but not for the serious musician. Making the myths unlike counterfeit feels real and satisfies truly my creative soul.

I love this ethereal vibrational energy. I’m a vessel for it to travel. I don’t consciously think about what I’m playing. It just happens. Flukes. Maybe my mind already rehearsed it?  Musicians are puppets of the Angels?

My Dad bought me a little Bontempi keyboard and a classical guitar as a child and worked my way round the rest. My Parents supported me in music, bought me multi-trackers. I never wanted handbags, make up or Barbi. I wanted Action Man and instruments. I bought my own drum kit. A Pearl Export Custom at the age of 19. I worked nights stacking shelves for a year to afford it. Then bought various Zildjian Cymbals every pay day. One can never have too many instruments. I now buy any unusual and usual instruments as you can never have too many.

I mainly play my Taylor acoustic guitar. But own an array of acoustics; Yamaha, Washburn, Takamine. My Fender Stratocaster serves me well with my Fender Bass. With the addition of Mandolin and Banjo. I’m on the look out for a Lute, Sitar and Esraj next.

Writing, performing, recording music make my life’s work of creativity happy and fulfilled. I also enjoy a bit of a warbling on my solo works. Composition excites my soul. Building a musical piece from scratch. Multi tracking, layering. Creating moments of beauty, accidents are the many beautiful sunrises on the beach to me.

I’ve been lucky in this life to have jammed with, worked with and continue to work with inspiring and talented people.

The Idolins in Studio

The Idolins in Studio



Live at Paper Stone

Live @ The Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham 2012

Live @ The Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham 2012

Vocals. Karen Smalley-Turner: Guitar, Piano, Lead Vocals.  (Up until January 2014) Claudine West : Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Multi-Instruments. Hannah Barrs: Cello, Barbara Morton- Vocals. Mark Rice: Percussion, Sound Engineer. Nick Scott: Guitar,  Backing Vocals.


The Idolins at The London Olympics 2012. Photo by Rob Smalley, Scene Photography

Greenwich Park 2012 Olympics

Greenwich Park, London 2012 Olympics

Claud & Grimm

Claud & Grimm

Claudine recording in Confetti Studios

Claudine recording in Confetti Studios

Subway Circus Live at Nottinghamshire Pride 2012

Subway Circus Live at Nottinghamshire Pride 2012

Me and Olympic Torch 2012

Me and Olympic Torch 201







I spent years in a home studio with an amazing lead guitarist ‘Grimm’ Graham Skelton Ruth. Inspirational. He had M.S. He is no longer with us in body. But very much so in spirit.

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