A mind is higher when its come undone

I new that day was different. The sun bathed me with warmth I’d not known for a while. I felt calm in the darkness when the news was given. All of my dread and anxiety had lead upto this point. Now knowing why I’d felt like this for a while. I now felt a different strength and calmness. That whatever happened next, could not be as bad as the not knowing dread I’d felt for a while. Could it?

I went home from the hospital. Lit a purple candle and burned sandalwood incense. Whatever the future has held was going to happen anyway, right?  When you are surrounded by it. You get used to dealing with the empathy, seeing the fear, sadness and suffering in people’s eyes. You think you become stronger. Then the meltdown occurred. You do become stronger, because you have to. While other succumb. You have to stand like scaffolding and hold the rest up. There is no blame, nor anger nor 1000 questions. There is a course of action that now must be taken and what will be, will be. Our time on this earth is very short. So really do make the most of it with yourself and loved ones. The spirits, ancestors are about giving reassurance. I am grateful to colleagues and friends for being just lovely. Thank you.

I have to decide whether these recent events become part of the 2nd book that i’ll write. The first one is now finished. During said meltdowns. Between the tears. between the meditations and acceptance after the shock. I completed. So that is just being proof read again before we upload to kindle and publish ‘Claudsville – Blogs and Biog of A Bog Woppit.’ The timing now is good. Just as I near 39 years of age. I close once, chapter- Well 14 actually! begins the new.

So here is the new song for the forthcoming record. Very inspired during ‘said’ meltdown. I’d had a long hot cleansing bath. Then just picked up the guitar. The working video clip is here.

Blood video 2014

I’ve been working on meditation music. But that will be released at a future date.

This is ‘Blood the song’

Comprising of acoustic guitar, mandolin and strings. I’ve kept it fairly simple. It flowed very organically. Clicks, warts and all. The experiments I capture is the raw musical energy that I channel through my fingers. Making music this way makes me feel very much alive and accomplished. These of the writing of the real things, the musings in the dark. A mind is higher when its come undone.Image


2014 Resolutions or Revolution

So after the promise of a better 2013. Which did have some amazingly good stuff in it. It also had the bad, the challenges. But the changes, the advances, the laughter, the tears, the achievements. Meeting more good souls.  The dust settled this year after the Ascension to the 5th Dimension from the 3rd. Resolutions or a revolution. Something big is brewing up a storm. 

My resolutions are listed below. 

1. Stop being anal. I tried watching Beverly Hills Chihuahua to ‘lighten up’ it was too much at the moment for me to tolerate more than 10 mins. Maybe one day!

2. Grow a humongous pumpkin and squashes, “Project Pumpkin”

3. Make my wife happier every day.

4. Finish book and Publish  ‘Claudsville – Blogs and Biog of a Bog Woppit

5. Get infection/problem in left cheek in face sorted once and for all!

6. Reiki and meditation everyday.

7. Cross trainer, swimming, cycling.. Lots more of.

8.  Finish solo Meditation album.Image

9. Quit crisp and Bourbon biscuits addiction.

10. More writing recording and performing music.

Making music had been a pleasure this year. I’ll be finishing my solo meditation music album 2014. Doing a record with Rock Band ‘Subway Circus’ and more Idolins music. 

I’ve just published 3 solo albums here


The Idolins have just released a live EP here FREE