Mother of Wicca Patricia Crowther

Yesterday we met Patricia Crowther. One of the Mothers of Wicca. It was an honour. We viewed artefacts that belonged to Doreen Valiente. Now Ange and I don’t ‘class’ ourselves as Wiccan. I don’t just define myself as a Lesbian, even though I am one. Labels can be so stereotyped. I am a musician that uses instruments to work with energies and vibrations.
It’s great to meet the prominent figures that have done good and educated well during our adventures. Patricia has done so much good with the promotion of Wicca. Some hear the words occult and Witch and assume dark things, human sacrifice and devil worship. That’s an incorrect perception. There are any branches. It’s a wide umbrella. The media love to stereotype and misrepresent. Good news is no news. Scandal sells! You can Google until your hearts content on the internet. But the true secrets and inner teachings won’t be found on it. I’m no expert, I don’t wish to be. I enjoy the talks and teaching of likeminded folk. Folk I feel comfortable with. Folk that don’t judge me or attack me. Folk that know and practice the true sense of community. We know personally as friends and by acquaintance some prominent members of our community. They are good people. Ange and I can easily sit in the expanse that is paganism. We worship Mother Earth. We are spiritual beings, light workers. We listen to the signs. Practice our practices for the greater good. Not in the ‘Carol’ kills ’em all Character in The Walking Dead style mind!
The people we hang out with would be, I suppose ‘classed’ as a circle, not a Coven. I don’t wish to climb ranks or currently study. I’m currently putting in to practice my spiritual learnings of the last 5 years. That’s a job in itself! We use magic to varying degrees for protection of ourselves and others and for doing good. There is no ego, love potions. A lot of send it back candles this years though. A lot of disturbances with friends and ourselves have invoked psychic attacks. Like a freight train we can feel them coming. But that’s another few stories about egos and bitterness.

There was a debate with some of the speakers at the event around what the internet tells people. My advice is. Meet your local community, go to Moots and events, they are well advertised on social media. Learn from experienced folk. Find yourself. If you dabble with things you don’t fully understand there may be consequences. I feel very comfortable now with the people I hand out with. They are my spiritual family as well as some being blood or marriage related. I never fitted in, I knew I was different. I come from a family of Witches. It’s in our bloodline. I work with healing energies. I chose Reiki as a technique to channel them after discovering a natural ability.
One last thing:
We (Ange and I) go by the rule of 3! If you send it out. It will come back to you x 3. Make those choices wisely 😉