Sunset Boulevard with Clange

‘Denny was working it real hardDown Sunset Boulevard. Back in 1973. Why would he bother going home. His parents left him on his own. Who knows. Maybe they were out getting stoned’

Sunset Boulevard and the stars walk of fame. Every few paces you get harassed by people peddling their CD’s, up front in yer face. Offering them for free. Only to harass anyone who takes one for a donation. If I’d have known I’d have taken some of my own to give them. Nice little trot around star hand imprints, bar the constant harassment and dickhead behaviour. Some stars have tiny feet compared to my clod hoppers! 

In temperatures of 36c it was time to chillout with water and ice cream and shout ‘Arse’ really loud Tourette’s style when Ange asked me what I was thinking about. (You had to be there)  A hearty lunch at hooters. Why have I never gone before in Nottingham? 

The pilgrimage to the infamous Whisky A Go-Go. Where one of my favourite bands, The Doors played. Then back to driving around in LA traffic again… oooh the traffic! Carpools are great though. But makes me want to be away from cities. Countryside and coastal. 
Some outlet shopping. Then it was off to the pool to relax and chat about the UK with gold in the jacuzzi.  Oh yes… Pool dippy dippy because jaws and man o wars don’t live in pools! No kid turds either… for Clange! Everyone is so friendly here. It’s so refreshing. Make me so ashamed of my own crippling antisocialness. Ange has my back as she is chattier than a shivering horse on acid. 

It’s been a whistle stop tour of Los Angeles. Yes I want to return. Only so much we could fit in between the constant troffing marathons 😉 
With them playing ‘yellow car’ and tramp spotting.. which awarded ‘tramp stamps’ kudos for tents, trolleys etc. A lot pitch tents literally on the sloping verges on highways… noise, pollution, is it safer?Again. In the 21st century I ask is it a choice due to drug/alcohol addiction, circumstances, mental health? What is society doing? Where is the help? Like in San Francisco.. where the tour guides don’t tell you how bad it is. Trump what are you doing? But like various locals told us there.. there is help, food, shelter, restraining. They just choose in an all year sunny climate to do what they do on the streets. 

Off to Vegas in the morn.