People who get drenched by vehicles driving past in the rain

The victims of road puddle splash by incidents make me cry laughing. I’m sorry. I can’t help it. Yes it’s happened to me. But I laugh.

Today I riffled again at this poor person: I know the very bus stop. It is like a Tsunami when it rains. Queues of people get drenched. I now stand near by. I have chuckled out loud after a wave has hit an innocent. It happened again today! This was posted to the bus company via Facebook. Brilliant!

“Absolutely fuming, one of your brown line buses that was out of service drove past me five minutes ago whilst waiting outside city hospital bus stop on Hucknall road. Driver drove so fast through a puddle I am now absolutely drenched, got dirty water in my ear, eyes , face and hair even though I was stood well back from the road. After a twelve hour shift its the worst possible way to end my day, not impressed whatsoever.”

Splash the pedestrian in rain hobby

One of the wettest years 2012…I never tire of witnessing the result of rain-pedestrian-bus stop and vehicle splashtastic brilliance.
Having just left work. My particular bus stop is a pool of potential. I stand clear of the worst part. Other wise, previous victims dart back and forth flagging their busses down.
I’ve just laughed out loud (I simply can’t help it) at a woman got got a full frontal tidal wave!
A filthy look and lesson leant. Everyone then decided to create a shield of umbrellas. As successful as catching a bucket of water in a tea bag.

Then as Karma goes. I got splashed as a fellow hospital employee honked their horn, and created major surf at the stop. I’m still chortling. Wet trousers.

I love the rain too. 😉