A Last Day In Paradise

As the last full day here reality hits. We are going to miss the sunshine. But have the hot tub and kitty cats to go back to. With Ange’s new found love of American Football. We have experienced a lot. 

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Couldn’t do everything, but got a glimpse of life in LA. Tourism in Vegas and we got to go to The Castro in San Francisco. We don’t want to eat bacon for a while upon our return. The walking has done us good. The sun has definitely raised our vitamin D and happiness levels. Zuma Beach and Malibu has been both Mine and Ange’s favourite place. Vegas is Vegas. It’s a crazy place. Maybe we will come back to Vegas in 10 years. Who knows. Definitely Los Angeles and San Francisco. Won’t miss the cheesy feet smell each time we walk past the ‘posh shops’ at Caesar’s Palace, each time we come and go to our room. It nearly put me off Cheetos for life! 

21.10.17 (T-Minus 8 hours, Pacific time, plus tax and tips) Buffet Breakfast at Balleys. 
Flamingos at The Flamingo and Pelicans. 

A bit of a flutter. I’m no gambler, I’m a creative. I’ll stick to what I’m good at. 

Pool chillout afternoon and then a ‘last night’ family Italian Dinner at Maggiano’s (really good food!) and bed. 

Lovely time had on this adventure to San Francisco, Orange County, Los Angeles, Through the Mojave Desert, Las Vegas, Lake, Mead, The Hoover Dam on the Nevada / Arizona State Line. Great holiday and experience. Really relaxed. Vegas is a crazy place. Looking forward to a proper pot of tea and a fig roll. Get ready for the jet lag…. 

In the back of a Cab on the way back tonight. 


Clange Poolside With Cactus Bob

19.10.17 Have you ever got suntan lotion in your eyes? Sweet Jesus! It’s was like fire water. Red eye! I managed to run it into both. Ensued a massive BF. Unable to see properly. Ange had to guide me to the restroom for damp tissue application. 

Apart from that. We spent a day relaxing at the pool with a few slushy margaritas and Pina Coladas. Bliss. Note photo by Ange of Julie and I snoring after…

 We also got chatting to Cactus Bob from LA. What a dude! He runs his one man restaurant. The wake up bomb..There really are better lives out there than the cold, darkness, misery, grind. 

Watch the video

We then went for a stuff ones face buffet at The Bellagio. 

Their wonderful ‘Fall’ display. Watch the video

And finally. The Las Vegas Strip. Our bemused cab driver. Having left The Bellagio, which is literally next to Caesar’s Palace. We’d eaten too much. The day at the pool had been exhausting wIth much needed chillaxation!

While moanung to him with our ‘funny accents’ while ‘Jesus Saves’ and ‘repent evil spirits’ (rants/ protests / preaching… whatever you call it.) about the hidden tax. So whatever you buy in America. Whatever the advertised price. They then add the tax on. With additional ‘tips’ expected/to be given for everything. Whether I’m this is just tourist extortion or the norm. It takes a calculator and faffing about. If is says $20 I want to pay $20!

Video 😉

23:38 bedtime…

Me: “Ange turn over you are snoring”

Ange “I’m awake… I’m dreaming about sausages, gravy and mash”

Me: “So you are clearly not awake then…”

Turns over and snores… asleep… 

Free Midwinter Meditation Music #Yule

I’ve (Claudine West) written and recorded especially for Yule. A 20 minute Track. And it is FREE. Only available on Bandcamp A gift for you. No strings. Pay it forward. Ange ran a Yule meditation evening last night and spoke a guided meditation to it.


As we enter into new times. Take a moment to reminisce over the last year. The good, the bad and the indifferent. What are your plans and ambitions in 2015?  The blanket of dark nights drift into longer days of light. Relax, breathe, enjoy. Try it with headphones too .

Meditation Chronicles Album and Maggie’s Centre

Listen here : iTunes Meditation Chronicles  Amazon Meditation Chronicles Spotify Meditation Chronicles
I’m really excited to be able to present this to you folks. Self produced. I recorded the music for these tracks with an array of instruments. Guitar, banjo, mandolin, my trusty keyboard. I love meditation music and listen to it a lot. I come from a rock and folk music background, composer and big catalogue of songwriting to boot. I’ve always dabbled with recording instrumentals. As I reach a more mature age, I challenged myself to see if I could compose music to ‘send me to other realms.’
These tracks were all recorded live in real time. You can see the Solstice live guitar take here solstice
I never want my works to be sterile and ‘perfect.’ Clicks, pops, happy accidents, improvisation. I am a vessel that channels music during the recording and performing process. Water and green tea purity helped me get into my zone. The music sending me ‘up and away with higher vibrations’ during the takes. Use of Tibetan bells and singing bowls with Indian drums raised vibrations. Standard 4/4 time signatures and usual chord changes in structure were dropped to create a flowing landscape. I bought myself an Esraj. This will be learnt for the next album. I do love the sound of stringed instruments. Harmonies and melodies combined. Ange later put vocal guided meditations to them while we road tested it running meditation courses. It’s rather liberating composing your ‘own’ to then perform live with. So download and enjoy. A % of sales goes to Maggie’s. This is the stuff of wellbeing.


The sea, harmony and breezes

It’s been a while since we came back to the place of Ange’s birth. I love the sea and get like an excited child when I travel to it. The air is mighty healing and relaxing. After an evening of Randy Brandies and cheeky peanuts. I slept rather well. We didn’t finish the bottle. A wise hangover preventing move.

This morning, knowing that golden sunshine was burning the grey clouds away. We walked along the beach. The weather calm. Usually we sit on the front, laughing as the waves crash and wet passers by. It’s a place that when we decide whereabouts, we will move to. The sea that is. Just by the sea.

It’s inspiring. It revs up the creative juices.
I’m currently writing and recording a new solo album. I’ve just finished the music for a guided meditation CD. The ‘Subway Circus’ (Rock band) E.P. Is in its final rehearsal stages before we record it, live. My book is finally finished and being proof read. It took longer than I planned. But that’s life!

So sitting in the sun. Talking about how far we have come. Things were a pretty bumpy ride the last year, but are looking rather good now. Relaxing is something Ange and I need to fully embrace more. We spend a lot of time working and helping others. Not enough on ourselves in a proper way. I’m not talking the plonking oneself down with a takeaway and Breaking Bad. That’s ‘after day job vegetating.’ I’m talking sitting in the sun rays, breathing life, clearing stagnant energies and pondering the moment. Thanking the past, as it got us here. Planning the future as it’s where we are going to be.

The recharge, the sea spray and the laughter is doing wonders.


R & R

Oh its May 2014 now. Long time since last blog. Taken some time out. Been busy with lots of stuff.

Discovery, journeying. It would be lovely to disappear completely for 6 months. But the stuff I’m busy with in the background is keeping me from doing that. The Faeries and Lakshmi have presented themselves. Meditation is oblivion. Music creativity has hit the big on switch. I think because we have been literally doing stuff, every weekend for months,  away at friends or working. I’m a little burned out as the doors of true perception are a jar. I need to gather and play Dead Island Riptide now and again. Sorting out everyone elses problems and issues took its toll recently. So I step into the shadows to recharge and reflect. I cannot help others if I cannot help myself first. The guilt of feeling ‘as a priority’ helping others first, has now passed and been replaced with a factual and blunt ‘NO’ at the moment. This all of course happened because it had to. The work, work , work ’til I have a bitch fit has finally hit home. Travel and adventure await. I’m excited. The hangers on, and the ones who make no effort in life and expect others to do it for them period is over. I still see the ones stuck in their sad pattern of never learning from what is being shown them. Some will not change. That is not my problem.

My book finishing begins soon. Things get finished when they need to. When the time is right.