The brilliant Choices V’s Consequences Chores Chart.

So I got a little miffed about the amount of chores and housework I was doing on top of my full time job. Comparing this to the light of my lifes household input. The woman that I married and share my life with. I became disgruntled. Something had to be done. A retraining, re inventing, reiterating was needed. Having chortled about it at work. A plan was concocted. Some catalogues with useful pictures were donated.  We executed it the other evening. This in itself created a domestic!

So points are given and ticked off for such tasks as changing the cat litter, putting the bin out, recycling, hoovering, cooking, cleaning, washing up. Putting the laundry away, not just throwing it in a heap.  You tick it. These points add up to prizes such as massage, foot rub, zit squeeze for 10 minutes. A night where the other has to do all of the chores without grumble. This chart also contains the irritations and bad habits. Scoring bad points.  Farting in bed, making the other heave and cough, smoking at band rehearsals, not scrubbing stinky armpits before bed, being patronising, not leaving boiler cupboard door open… And so on, yes some of the irritating things. Are marked as bad. This chart is not designed to dictate our life. Its more an experiment. So I can, without argument show how much extra shit I have to do! Prove a point!

With every choice one makes, there is consequence. That can be good or bad!

So varying scores

Image from hitting 10 points plus. For good I get to choose my reward. For bad. Ange chooses my punishment. Or I choose hers. You get the drift.  I’ve chosen pampering as my rewards. Not that I don’t get plenty of it. Just nice to have even more after a hard day in the office. Ange, with her favourite foot rubs on tap, who is addicted tea. Has chosen it to be made for her for a week! Claudmaid!

Upon my suggestion of a bad consequence. (Knowing full well she loves tea) I said she must drink only water for a day.(hardship I know) Well… She went apeshit! Saying I’m punishing her and herbal tea should be included. I said no! Water is pure and monks drink it. The argument escalated to her trying to implement with immediate effect my crisp and chocolate ban consequence.(I see that asa good opportunity and motivation to lose pounds) I then suggested she only drink water for a month. She went more apeshit! Its truly really hit a nerve. I asked her to stand back and look at her ridiculous reaction. (While laughing)

She shouted she would never do what I told her. Drinking water for a month was ridiculous! (God knows what the neighbours thought, probably hearing the rant through the walls) I said I could see her, in her self imposed bitch fit, ripping our chart off the fridge. Achieving nothing. I mean the whole point is to share the housework equally. I had been doing nearly all of it. But had stopped doing most of the washing up. Leaving it for Ange. Just to prove a point.

So we are in our 3rd day. Ange is winning due a stroke of cleaning opportunity (I was out rehearsing with the band last night) She came home from work to carnage. We’d kept out cat, Rambo in for two nights as its been cold and wet. His protects was to bypass the litter tray. Shit on the landing, shit on the bottom of the stairs and piss on the sofa. Little git! So bar snow and another ice age. He can go out. He’s got fur! He sits on porch wall poking his head up to the front door glass faffing about. In and out, in and out! We don’t own this house so no cat flap. I’ve build one into the shed in the garden. Rambo is scared of it. Goes in but cant work out how to get out and wails! As she cleaned the litter tray. out other cat Pattie copped a squat on the newspaper. Both kitties had planned their assault on us together during the day.

So Ange point scored loads cleaning that lot up. I’m not concerned. It won’t take me long to catch up and reap the rewards.