Don’t be my Valentine

During my single times. I was a lost and lonely pickle, a bit of a broken and insecure woppit. Limping from one mess to another. Valentines day only served to remind me of the fact no-one loved me. While friends and relatives made a point of it.   You know, the day when (mainly) the women you work with ‘surprisingly and very publicly’ receive flowers. Then act surprised.  Well.. shit would hit the fan if the other half forgot!  My years in retail saw many panicked blokes last minute shopping for said flowers and chocolate. Only to be many times questioned by wife as to how fat they looked. Then lying…. Today after over 5 years committed to my soul mate. We don’t celebrate Valentines Day. Love is every day!

This marketing frenzy occurs but once a year. New Kidlets conceived, as sex, cuddles and sensuality is allowed for one night only, except birthdays and Xmas, or when drunk. How many suffer loveless marriages and relationships craving it? Pretending and presenting is good huh?   I can only comment on being lucky at last.  A woman loving a woman. We don’t have kids and don’t want kids. We are entitled to live a life and actually are fulfilled without them. Contrary to what some would believe. The peacock ruffles its feathers and shows off the pretence of love. Momentarily happy, during a lifetime of discontent. What once was fresh and new, became a chore. To some became a waking nightmare.  It takes effort, conviction and true belief to ensure true happiness in life. Blaming others for your misery really is your choice. Convenience is easy. Material goods won’t give you the memories you truly realize too late on your deathbed.

You see true love doesn’t need to celebrate itself on set days. True love is special moments always. Without money being thrown at it. Love to me doesn’t cost money. Love is given without consequence to the love of life. Our whispers and private conversations are not to be blogged and written about by me. An especially sweet everythings that were spoken last night. Those moments travel like comets into the universe for all time. Sex, affection, connection is amazing when its meant to be. From someone who never thought anyone would love me. It all worked out fine. For that I am grateful every day.

True love is keeping the spark ignited. The passion embraced. True love is the shiver down your spine. The creeping up behind. The kiss that just gets better. The fart, the cough, the laughter. The petty arguments, the sharing of food over a romantic dinner (not on Valentines Day) The taking time to make an effort, to listen to each other, to respect each other, appreciating each other.  Sorting out problems before they destroy harmony. True love is knowing every day that your love lights you up. True love is the absolute unconditional fear that if your soul mate disappeared from your life. You would crumble to dust.

When that shining light surrounds your world together. Cherish it. Make every day special. Not just dictated one that ultimately is designed to make retailers and restaurants a shit load of money.

Then what does Ange go and do in my workplace?


≈ Clange