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My name is Claudine West. These are excepts of this present life as me. 2016 was rather fabulous making music, writing, recording, gigging, doing the full time day job. Looking after wife and cats, mowing the lawn, breathing in the sea. Exploring Devon, Dorset and Somerset. Writing recording and releasing more meditation music under ‘Earth Tree Healing’…. Being happy. 

These are my blogs and here is the Kindle book.


Meditation Chronicles Album and Maggie’s Centre

Listen here : iTunes Meditation Chronicles  Amazon Meditation Chronicles Spotify Meditation Chronicles
I’m really excited to be able to present this to you folks. Self produced. I recorded the music for these tracks with an array of instruments. Guitar, banjo, mandolin, my trusty keyboard. I love meditation music and listen to it a lot. I come from a rock and folk music background, composer and big catalogue of songwriting to boot. I’ve always dabbled with recording instrumentals. As I reach a more mature age, I challenged myself to see if I could compose music to ‘send me to other realms.’
These tracks were all recorded live in real time. You can see the Solstice live guitar take here solstice
I never want my works to be sterile and ‘perfect.’ Clicks, pops, happy accidents, improvisation. I am a vessel that channels music during the recording and performing process. Water and green tea purity helped me get into my zone. The music sending me ‘up and away with higher vibrations’ during the takes. Use of Tibetan bells and singing bowls with Indian drums raised vibrations. Standard 4/4 time signatures and usual chord changes in structure were dropped to create a flowing landscape. I bought myself an Esraj. This will be learnt for the next album. I do love the sound of stringed instruments. Harmonies and melodies combined. Ange later put vocal guided meditations to them while we road tested it running meditation courses. It’s rather liberating composing your ‘own’ to then perform live with. So download and enjoy. A % of sales goes to Maggie’s. This is the stuff of wellbeing.



Ghosts walk amongst us.

I have seen, I have felt. I know. It’s not about belief for me. Ghosts exist. I’ve seen them, felt them, had conversations.. (via a medium) Yes conversations.

Do energies, auras, magnetic fields and entities just burn out, fade away, and disappear when the body dies? What happens to the soul? Some of us are more open to seeing them. Some are closed off. Some don’t want to know. .Fear. So what if it’s all real?

How does that change the way you feel about the universe, your life, your lost loved ones. Could it make you feel better that they really haven’t gone? That they watch over you. Or pop in and come visit from time to time. They don’t want you to be upset. They want you to carry on with your life. Their higher self wants you to be happy. They miss you. But most know their life in that body is over. They hope to see you again when you become spirit. Some hang about because of regrets, things unsaid in their earthbound existence. If they were bad in life. Are they sorry now. Are some souls just bad? Never learning, or correcting their mistakes.  ‘Past Lives’ Each life, if lessons are learnt. All good, progression in your training ground. If not. The  same lessons will be presented. They will continue to be presented. (See my blog Past Life Regression )

Some cant accept that they are dead. Maybe a sudden death, accident. Not wanting to leave, go into the light.

Then there are the things. The Ouija Board experiences. The messing with things that you really shouldn’t! Opening portals, doors that should remain closed to netherworlds. The people who invite the darkness. The stuff of nightmares that lurks beneath. Stepping through a mirror into a borderland of creatures, demons?

I don’t really practice ‘Religion’ as such. I’m more a spiritual soul. Does Heaven and Hell exist? I can’t say. Lots of books state it. Lots of people believe it. Different Religions state different beliefs (great! love, peace, whatever floats your boat) But sometimes; Twisting scripture, adapting, misinterpreting, persecuting each other, killing, torturing people with other beliefs (so very, very wrong. Who has the right to take a life? Does a book give you that right?) Wars are fought over land, greed, oil, money, power and Religion)

What if?

If I wrote a ‘book’ thousands of years ago. Filled with fables, lessons, rules, miracles or even ‘FACTS’. I’m sure in time it would be a best seller. If it was good enough and many people believed what I said to be true. Could I say a natural disaster was caused because people were bad? It was there punishment, wrath. Not nature, or yes? -Just nature. People could live by my rules. Generation after generation. Avoiding anarchy. My words would control everything. People would behave. Worship me, my ideas. With ‘my book’ I’d have ruled the world. As I believed it was the best way for humans.  I had insight.

But then again. What If it’s all real though? How exciting is that? If I’m ‘bad’, mass disasters occur. It my entire fault. My life is guilt, worship and confession. I must convert everyone!! By me living my life that way I’m taught. When I die. I get….?????? WOW

Have you ever entered a house, a room, a place and felt uneasy? What made you feel like that? Was it the atmosphere? Were you just being silly?

What if others felt that there too? Why?

Ever seen flickers out of the corner of your eye? Felt cold? Felt drained? Like your energy was being sucked out of you. Ever woken in the night to see someone standing next to your bed? Brushing it off as a dream.

To be able to communicate with spirits to some is a gift, also a well paid career. Others it’s a curse. It’s a case of training oneself to switch off the ‘noise.’ Asking them to not enter the privacy of your own home constantly.  Ghosts walk amongst us, on another plain. But in our realm. Sometimes they just can’t accept their death. Exist in limbo. They hang about, looking over loved ones. Lost, fearing the light as punishment in “Hell” “Judgement of their God”

People fear graveyards at night. Now let me ask you. If you we’re a ghost, would you hang out in them? Pretty boring. Places of activity, ways to energize and be entertained. Cinemas, Sporting Events, Hospitals, Supermarkets, Pubs, Concerts.  I don’t know all the answers. A dead friend who I get to chat to, through a medium. Says he can’t tell me certain things. (Frustration) I’m curious. He does tell me he is a lot happier now. In life I’d had the “please don’t haunt me”  conversation. We talked about this stuff. He had M.S. He always told me if it got too much, he’d end it. He did. It broke my heart. Around 8 years post death. I invited him. The reply I got (things only we said, knew etc.) made me cry. Cry with sorrow, I missed him, Cry with joy as I had him back to chat from time to time. Sarcasm at its best.

We’d lost 2 cats to old age. The end of 2011 and beginning 2012. So incredibly upset. We moved house. To start afresh. The cats spirits resided at the flat where we lived. When we moved. We didn’t see them. (Their spirits) My good spirit friend brought the cats spirits to our new house. He ‘visited’ and told us. We  now have 2 young alive Kitties Rambo and Pattie. 2013. Rocketman and Chickyboo still pop in from time to time. Truly touching. Sweet. Kind.

To me all this is completely normal. To you it may seem out there. Or you may agree.This is my experience, my honest and truthful experience. I do not suffer any illnesses of the mind, drug misuse or alcohol abuse. I neither lie or make up fables for attention. I blog my life, experiences, learnings.

I can’t, on your average day hear or see them. I can feel their presence. I once woke up and shot out of bed to one trying to get into me. He said he needed to do something, but couldn’t remember what and needed a ‘body’ to do it. That terrified me. We asked him to try to remember or leave. It was very rude trying to possess people!! He left. I hope he found what he was trying to remember. That happened in a flat we lived in read more experience on this blog about what ‘lived there’

My absolute confirmation..

I went on a ghost hunt (night vigil), with mediums, ghost hunters. On Halloween, a few years ago at Wollaton Hall (Batman) Nottingham, UK.

Wollaton Hall

We spent our night exploring, rooms, tunnels, and cellars.

We all sat in a circle in “The Green Room” in a kind of cellar. Lights out. The green light in there was enough to see everyone sitting besides each other. I felt excited and uncomfortable. But knew I was in safe hands. A room leading off it. Chilled me to the bone. I couldn’t bring myself to enter. Others did, then quickly exited. So, we’re sitting in a circle, a vigil. It’s night. There are no actors or tricksters amongst us. Genuine, gifted, curious, believers and skeptics.

We made contact with a little boy spirit. This is when beyond any shadow of a doubt I had confirmation. As I sat on the chair. The spirit approached. I felt. Others saw. The child stood in front of me.  Then I felt an invisible hand, I can I only describe “kneading my knee” rubbing it. An invisible force. A GHOST. One of the strangest feelings. But comforting. Looking, I could see everyone in the dim light. I could not see the boy spirit. I felt him.


The Green Room, Wollaton Hall

The Green Room, Wollaton Hall

We also had rocks thrown at us in the cellar. There is a room containing a very angry spirit. Photo:

Angry Ghost Lives Here

Angry Ghost Lives Here

He scares me shitless! Even paying a couple of quid for a normal tour in the day, from the wonderful tour guides. He is there. Angry. Hurling abuse!

It was an amazing night of adventure. Discovery.

I’ve also been on a Ghost hunt at The Galleries of Justice (Nottingham)

Some famous characters reside. The ‘Judge’ stamping his stick on the floor, next to me. Going underground in the sandstone caves/cells. (Not normally open to the public) We gathered round a stool. Asked a Spirit present to tap once for yes, twice for no. It really was like having someone invisible stand next to you tapping on a surface. Incredible. As we left that cave. Stones were thrown.  The spirit of a woman prisoner followed us through the cells, communicating through dowsing, looking for her daughter. The feeling of sorrow, the smell of urine in the Laundry. I do recommend a visit, explore and vigil if you get chance. Plus you get to meet lots of interesting people and make new friends.

A few years ago. My Wifey booked a surprise weekend anniversary to York.

We went to the haunted house.

She got her neck scratched by an ‘invisible force’ in a cellar. You really are not alone in there.  In this Pic I can make out a woman dressed in white. It may be a trick of the camera, the eye. Like I said . We were not alone. Sleep tight.

Woman in white